Creative Residents Build Sand Island To Escape Into International Waters And The Law

If you don’t like a new law what options do you have?  These folks decided to build their own little island so they wouldn’t have to abide by the new regulations.


A creative group of New Zealanders built a sand island in coastal waters as an attempt to avoid a ban on drinking in public places.

The team built the structure at low tide and then installed a picnic table and cooler for drinks.

Locals joked that the island was in “international waters” so the new liquor ban doesn’t affect them.

The group drank into the night on New Year’s Eve with the construction still there the next morning. From their island, they celebrated by watching fireworks with a drink in hand.


Authorities took the island building and drinking with a sense of humor.

“That’s creative thinking – if I had known [about it] I probably would have joined them,” said local police commander Inspector John Kelly.

Some locals say the police are getting frustrated with the results of the new law.  They say the police are doing the job that parents should be doing – keeping kids sober.


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