It’s More Than Just A New Year; It’s A Rebirth

As everyone rushes around trying to celebrate bringing in the new year, I think it’s a time to think about a rebirth of life.


People talk about letting go of the past and looking towards the future.  But for me, it’s more of a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Sure there were bad times, and there were good times in 2017.  But what if 2018 becomes the year of being reborn into a new creature.  You have the knowledge of the past but use it as an old photo album.  It’s in the past, and it can’t hurt you any longer.

Think of yourself as a newborn and regain that excitement you had as a child.  Start fresh and use your emotions to help guide you.

Do you have an inclination to become a writer, then start writing.  Write like nobodies even listening.  I get that from dancing like no one can see you.  And believe me, I’m a pretty wild dancer.  We’re talking on bar tops.  My gosh, I use to get so drunk and dance the night away.  What made it, so fun was even though I was in a room full of people, I danced like no one was watching.  Feeling the rhythm of the music and moving to it.

Maybe you don’t need an extensive, detailed check off list to do but maybe like an infant you just start doing it.  Like learning to walk.  There’s no class for infants to walk, they just naturally begin to walk at the right time.

What if you could bring that sort of fun to doing something productive?  Imagine how much fun and excitement it would be.

So try and think of the New Year as your rebirth.  And your past has been put to rest in the ground.  RIP like.  Try to regain that youthful energy.  Look around absorbing all the visual stimulation like it was the first time a baby sees them.


Nature starts fresh with rebirth new every spring, maybe this is our time of the year for a rebirth.



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