Extravagant: Are The Rich Really This Stupid And Wasteful?

Just because you can afford the hefty price of this t-shirt dress, should you still buy it?

Overpriced for the rich

Who, indeed, would buy a $1,014.50 white t-shirt dress? With a slit up the back no less!

Seriously, if you have that much money to pay for a plain, cotton, white, t-shirt, you should be handing out $100 bills to people on the streets who might actually need the money to buy groceries for their families!!!

And supposedly they’ve sold out at that 30% reduced price? That’s a pretty expensive gag gift. Which is what I would consider it.

The t-shirt comes from French clothing brand, Vetements, and was sold at Nordstroms.

$1000 T-Shirt Dress

You don’t need this, but is this why you want it?

Please rich people. Use your heads and your hearts! It may just be a joke to you or something that you buy just because you can, and your other wealthy friends all bought them. But just think how many homeless people could have been helped with that $1,000?

I’m sorry, but this is such a horrid example of greed during the holiday season. It hurts my heart to even think about how better than money could have been spent. Uh, and yeah, happy holidays to you too as you walk around in your expensive t-shirt with the slit in the back.

via Daily Prompt: Extravagant


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