A Kid Inventor Came Up With Something To Help Other Kids And Won $25,000.

Who would imagine a 12-year-old budding scientist could invent something so spectacular as an app that detects lead in water in a matter of seconds, as opposed to having a sample sent to a lab to be tested and take days for the answer, while people are still drinking the water!


Gitanjali Rao had been following the water problems in Flint, Michigan for two years. She knew the damages lead in water could cause, so she began to research and study lead and water.


Rao stated, “the lead is mostly harmful to younger children. It causes growth defects and could damage their developing brains.”

Rao is the first, and youngest scientist, to invent something so badly needed and so progressive. She’s in talks with manufacturers to get the app out as soon as possible. Hopefully, it will happen quickly.


And what’s Rao’s next project? “I’d like to create a happiness meter which measures the amount of serotonin in your body or amount of gamma rays, but I still have to figure out how this works.”

Sounds like we need to keep an eye on this youngest scientist! She’s off to a great start!


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