Isn’t Jessica Chastain Supposed To Be Fighting For All Women’s Rights?

Jessica Chastain, a fighter for women’s rights or only white women’s rights?


On the cover of the Los Angeles Times magazine, 6 women of Hollywood are honored for their leading roles in the past year. But something is missing. There is not one woman of color with the women on the cover.

Chastain claims to be a proponent of empowering women. But when asked why there were no women of color, she blamed it on the industry.  “I honestly couldn’t name one WOC who played a leading role to be added with us.”

Inside the magazine, the actresses call for a change in the industry! There was a roundtable discussion of the treatment of women in Hollywood.

Well, wouldn’t it have been a better article if some WOC sat at the roundtable to discuss the same issues facing them? Shouldn’t it have been ALL inclusive? ALL women of color, not just white color women?

You can’t be a proponent of change unless you work to change things for all races of people.

Critics immediately noticed the lack of any actresses of color on the magazine cover.

“Honestly @jes_chastain as an outspoken voice for equality how do you pose for a photo like this and not feel absolutely mortified by the blatant exclusion?” Author Rebecca Carroll tweeted. “How is it possible to not understand the msg this photo sends?”

Where ARE Women of Color in leading roles? Why aren’t there more? Any storyline can be changed to a woman of color rather than a white woman unless it’s a written explicitly for something that happened to a white woman. ALL women face the same issues. Even more so for women of color. And that includes American Indian actors, Asian Actors, African American actors, all colors.

Work to empower all women, not just the ones with the same color skin as yours! This needs to be the goal of all women of all colors!


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