Anna Kendrick’s Surprising Reason For Breaking Up With Someone

The Pitch Perfect star recently told Elle magazine an odd reason for breaking up with someone.  However, learning the actual reasons behind the cause of the break-up makes a lot of sense.


Anna Kendrick recently told the magazine she once broke up with a boyfriend because he refused to stop tickling her. Ridiculous you might say?
Not me! I’m right there with her.

I have always been extremely ticklish. From childhood until this very day. I hate it. I hated it as a child, and I hate it now.

For the very same reasons, Kendrick hated it. Some of us just don’t like to be tickled. And when we ask you not to, and you continue to do so, saying you’re just having fun, we’re ridiculous, I for one, will walk away from you as well.

I didn’t really understand why I hated it so much until I read her story, and also what a therapist said.

Kendrick said it made her feel trapped and panicked. And the fact being, if he wouldn’t respect that boundary with her, what else would he not respect?

As the saying goes: “No means no!”

You have to know when you’re in a relationship that you are heard, understood and you have a voice that is respected.

As the family therapist, Marissa Nelson said, “When there is a pattern of someone dismissing and belittling your feelings, it begins to erode the foundation of the relationship.”

But back to children, a lot of children hate it too, but adults still do it anyway because they think it’s funny.

Clue here: “If the child is crying rather than laughing, stop tickling them.” They too have a right to have their personal boundaries respected!

Anna Kendrick can be seen in the hilarious Pitch Perfect 3 “Last Call Pitches” in theatres.




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