Cherish The Earth and Its Creatures

via Daily Prompt: Cherish

A giant sea turtle worth $53 million? It is if it’s entangled in ropes attached to packages of cocaine. 1,800 pounds to be exact. That’s a lot even for a giant sea turtle to try to swim with.


The US Coast Guard cutter, Thetis, on Tuesday noticed a large area of something in the ocean around Key West, FL. As they approached the mass of tangled mess, they saw the giant sea turtle was indeed tangled in the ropes of floating bales of cocaine and couldn’t get out.

The men were able to dislodge the turtle from 75 feet of line and seeing that it was a little chafed, but otherwise unharmed, let him swim away.

Upon returning to shore, the cocaine was turned over to authorities.

Personally, I like to think of this sea turtle as a hero! He kept 1,800 pounds of cocaine from hitting the streets of America! I hope he lives a long healthy life in the sea!


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