Little Girl’s Letter To Santa Gets A Global Response

As the US government prepares to change the tax laws to give even more substantial advantages to corporations and the wealthy, a little girl’s letter to Santa has had a global effect on a town in Texas.

First-grade teacher, Ruth Espiricueta had a discussion with her class about wants and needs. Then she asked them to write a letter to Santa telling him what they wanted for Christmas this year.

As she was reading them later that evening, she was shocked and saddened when she read the letter from Crystal Pachecho, 7.

Crystal’s letter to Santa asked only for food, a blanket, and a ball.

Espiricueta said she was shocked because she had no idea Crystal lived in such poor conditions because she was always such a happy little girl.

She spoke with Principal, Diane Smith, but Smith said, “with 724 students in the school, how do you decide who has the most need?”

The Texas town has over 30,000 students in the school district. And most live in poverty.

So Espiricueta decided to post the letter on her Facebook page to see if she could get donations of blankets. And did she ever!

Espiricueta’s posting of Crystal’s letter sparked the hearts of people around the globe! So far, the school has received over 900 blankets, and they’re still coming in! From as far away as New Zealand and Germany!

The Christmas lesson here? One little girl, one teacher and hundreds of loving hearts!


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