Selfish Rich People Attack Birds By Putting Spikes In Trees

So I guess in England they can afford to build houses in exclusive areas, and they can buy expensive cars, but they can’t afford garages to put them in?


If you take a look a the photos, these anti-bird spikes look absolutely disgusting. For one thing, they take away from the beauty of the trees. And who knows what harm they might be causing the trees?


But residents installed the spikes solely to keep the birds from pooping on their cars! No other reason. Surely there’s a better alternative!

If you can’t afford a garage for your expensive car, maybe you shouldn’t have a fancy house in an expensive neighborhood where you have to park your cars under a beautiful tree!

Trees have a purpose on this earth. It’s not only their beauty but for cleaning the oxygen in the air. Birds have a use on this planet as well.


Expensive cars have no purpose for this earth other than to show off how much money you make.

So I’m guessing in the earth eco order, cars are way beneath trees and birds. Take down the spikes. They look ridiculous. Build a garage or buy a cheaper car! Leave the trees and the birds alone!



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