Rapist Wins Appeal But His 20-year Sentence Is Now Life.

Good job Oklahoma! So, a man rapes a homeless woman, in a wheelchair no less, and receives a 20-year sentence. He appeals and gets a life sentence!


It’s time men get what they deserve for sexual assault! People receive harsher sentences for drugs than they do for rape and assault. But it looks like the courts and jurors are finally turning a page and changing that!

Daniel Kelly had twice been convicted of assault and battery, and one of them included rape with an object, as in this case. The first jury was not allowed to hear testimony about those prior convictions and sentenced him 20 years.

But the appeals jury was allowed to hear the testimony of the prior convictions and sentenced him to life!

This man took a homeless man and women to his apartment. When he became aggressive towards the woman, the man tried to step in, and Kelly beat him unconscious. The victim threw herself down the stairs in her wheelchair to try to escape, but he went down there and raped her with a beer bottle.

What kind of sick people exist in our world today? I’d say the Appeals Jury got it exactly right! Three times this man did horrible, unthinkable assaults on women. He’s where he belongs for the rest of his life so he can never ever do that to a woman again.

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