The Shocking Reasons Why Daughter And Dad Go Completely Bald.

Just about any parent would do absolutely anything to make sure their children know they are loved and loveable. One Dad did just that.


Beautiful Riley Sylvaria was born 6 years ago with an autoimmune disease called, Alopecia Totalis. Which means she was completely bald by the time she was 15 months old and will never have hair.


Riley seemed to adapt and was a happy child. But one day, she told her mom, Chelsea, that she didn’t love herself because she was bald. Of course, Mom tried to reassure her that just because she didn’t have hair, she was still beautiful. When Mom told Dad, Dave, they were both shocked and saddened.

So that night, Dad did what most loving dads would do. He took Riley to the bathroom with him and let her start shaving his hair. When finished, he was bald too and told her he was still the same person, the same Dad, he was just bald now.

Mom video tapped the shaving, uploaded it to Facebook and had over 37,000 reactions.

Mom said by putting such an intimate family moment on FB wasn’t easy, but she wanted other parents going to similar things to know that there are many ways to show your child you love them no matter what. They are precious and beautiful, no matter what.

As you watch the video, you can see the love in Riley’s eyes as she watching her Dad become bald like her. She giggles. She smiles. There is sort of a transformation you see take place in Riley.


Sometimes we can’t always keep our children safe from diseases, but we can still find a way to show them how much they are loved.

I too hope the video inspires other parents. Love is all you need!


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