“Pushy Moms” Help Underprivileged Students Make Their Dreams A Reality

A great example of how we, as ordinary citizens, can make a significant impact on students!


In today’s society, where there are so many single parents, children being raised by grandparents, schools overcrowded and way too many students for very few guidance counselors to help along the way, a group of 10 women started a program two years ago to help students graduating from high school to wade through the paperwork of getting into a good college!

The Pushy Mom’s Program has helped over 40 students so far. These women are just ordinary moms who’ve been through this process with their children and came up with the idea to help those who may not know how to jump through all the hoops, dot the i’s, and cross the t’s.


The program is offered free, the women all volunteer, through LaGuardia Community College. The moms say it’s not a big deal, but if you’re young and alone and don’t know what to do next, it IS a big deal.


They help with reminders to get papers signed and mailed or emailed. Reminders of essays or tests they need to take. Coax them along as they fill out applications. Help them research which colleges would fit what the student wants to do. They give pep talks, encourage the students and yes, sometimes they have to provide a gentle push.

And these great ladies say they get just as much out of doing this as the students. They say they feel like they’re making a difference in at least some students’ lives. And they are! I hope to see more schools start a program like this!

Way to Go Pushy Moms!


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