Student Beats Up Teacher; Instructor Basically Gets Fired For Being Beaten.

If students who beat teachers are allowed to continue to go to public schools, how long will it be before teachers stop teaching? How long before they say “no one stands up for me.” “I don’t feel safe teaching anymore.”

On October 4, Battle Creek, Michigan substitute teacher, Jack McCulley was beaten severely by a freshman student after class.


McCulley said he had kicked that young man out of his class over 15 times in three weeks.

Yet, as if often the case, seems the school district is trying to blame the teacher.

McCulley taught Science for twenty-two years. He retired and began substitute teaching. McCulley loved teaching. But he refused to allow one student to continuously interrupt his class and prevent other students from learning.

The student was kicked out for using his cell phone during class, for cursing at McCulley numerous times and other disruptive behavior. He once turned the water on in the lab and left it on, flooding the room before someone noticed it.

The student was arrested and received 6 months probation. For nearly beating a man to death. It’s not known whether he was suspended from school or returned to torture another teacher.

But, Mr. McCulley was told to leave and has been told he can never teach in the Battle Creek Public School system again. And Mr. McCulley was suspended indefinitely from the company who hired him, EduStaff, pending an investigation.

Yes, you read that right. The teacher was suspended. The school district is claiming that because McCulley kicked the student out so many times, demeaned the student for the things he was doing, as in confronting him for cursing, Mr. McCulley “incited” the incident. In other words, by reprimanding this student in class for his behavior, he “caused” the student to beat him.


What teacher wants to be in the same room with that young man? What parent wants their child in the classroom with that young man? He’s beating a teacher at 15 years old, get probation and nothing else? Not likely he’s going to grow into an upstanding citizen!

Mr. McCulley has hired a lawyer. He is unable to teach because he has severe headaches and back problems from the horrible beating he received. Who can blame him? This school district obviously needs to investigate this more. As do the police and the National School Board.

Teachers literally put their lives on the line every single day they teach. They will do anything they can to protect students, as well as teach. But if they are not made to feel safe, it schools begin to stand behind students who have beaten them, there will be less and fewer ‘good’ teachers willing to put their lives on the line.

Think about that America!


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