A 93-Year-Old Woman Goes To Jail, Handcuffed With Bruises After Being Evicted From Her Home.

The National CHURCH Residences’ Franklin House in Eustis, FL.


Remember that name! Never let an elderly person you know go there!

When 93-year-old Juanita Fitzgerald apparently could no longer afford the rent at this facility, they evicted her. When she refused to leave her home, they called the police. Police removed her physically, literally screaming and crying. After all, where was she supposed to go? What was she supposed to do?


Juanita says she made a partial payment. The Church Residence said that wasn’t enough. They said she refused to leave. Did anyone even try to help her find another place to live?

Has it really come to this in our country? There it is again, Greed! I’m sure they can get more money out of someone else. So instead of trying to help Juanita find a more affordable place to live, or call the state to help her, any number of locations could have been reached to help her. Instead, they just evicted her.


Police are claiming she was handcuffed. But photos have been leaked that show her in handcuffs sitting at a table. Juanita held up her arms and ankles to show bruises from the handcuffs and shackles. Seriously, where’s a 93-year-old woman going to run?

It sickens me to read this sad story. Since her release, the Mid-Florida Homeless Coalition has stepped in to help Juanita find affordable housing. It’s a good thing someone in Florida cares about the elderly!

This was handled wrong from start to finish. The place she was living should have tried to help her. The police should have tried to help her. If this was a “church” residence, why did they not help her? Or is this place just hiding behind the “church” to be tax free? I think this deserves further investigation by the state, counties, and city offices. How many times has this happened, and no one knew about it? Elderly put on the streets because they could no longer afford to live where they lived.


How many of these elderly have physical and mental problems that keep them from being capable of making decisions on their own, but are just put out on the streets? Is there no state elderly association, elderly abuse association, that could have been called to help her before she was taken from her home so brutally?

Wake up America! We, as a country, are aging. According to the new Census Report, there are over 40.3 million Americans over the age of 65, up 3.5% to 15% of the population. This since this 2000 census.


The city streets of America are already filled with homeless veterans, elderly, poor. When are we going to begin to take care of our own? In other countries across the world, this would bring shame to families. In American Indian and indigenous cultures around the world, the elderly are honored and taken care of. They live with families to help and be helped. They live worthy and meaningful lives.

But what do Americans do? Pick them up, handcuff them and remove them. So who’s going to step up? Who’s going to stop this from ever happening again?


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