Technology Helps To Spread The “Spirit of Christmas” To A Homeless Vet.

Most of us have heard of the saying, “Pay it Forward.” It actually comes from a movie about a dying boy who would do good things and tell the person receiving the gift or deed to pay it forward. You see, he knew he wouldn’t be around to receive anything in return, and the boy wanted to teach people something while he still had time.


One young man added that saying to the Holiday spirit and is doing a remarkable thing.

Rob Bliss said he’d been thinking about how he might use some of the new apps on his phone. Walking down the sidewalk, he saw a homeless veteran and decided to try a brand new app and see if it did what it promised.


Without anyone knowing what he was doing, Bliss ordered some items for the homeless man from the new Amazon Prime Now app., which promises almost immediate delivery, and stood back, out of sight to see if it worked.

He used a Google map app to locate a building closet to where the vet was sitting with his sign. Just a short time later, with a few instructions to the courier, he watched and made the video of the vet receiving his package of much-needed items. The spirit of Christmas shines on the man’s face as he opens a totally unexpected box of gifts.


As the article says, yes, this time of year there will be people out to take advantage of shoppers. But I’d rather believe in the giving spirit of the holidays. I can’t imagine a better way to show that spirit and to feel that spirit than doing precisely what Bliss did. I hope his story reaches others and people continue to “pay it forward.”

Modern day technology used to bring an age-old spirit to life!


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