A Major Content Provider Talks About FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal

A major content provider shot back at Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to repeal net neutrality rules.   That content provider is Netflix and they promise a long legal battle.


“This is the beginning of a longer legal battle. Netflix stands w/ innovators, large & small, to oppose this misguided FCC order,” the company tweeted Thursday after the vote.

Netflix called the FCC’s decision misguided. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and others in favor of the decision argued that repealing net neutrality would encourage innovation.

The 2015 Open Internet Order requires that internet service provider treat all websites equally.  The speed of accessing different sites would not be favored or slowed down.

The FCC voted 3-2 along party lines Thursday.

Numerous Democratic lawmakers oppose the decision, and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman plans to sue the FCC to block the repeal from going into effect.

Also attorneys general from Washington, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Oregon, Vermont, the District of Columbia, and Massachusetts have also announced plans to challenge the FCC’s net neutrality repeal.



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