School Plays Dumb About MS-13 Gang Members Sued for $110M: My Thoughts

MS-13. Those two letters and two numbers strike horrifying fear in cities where they live. Being a grandmother of teenagers and one-day teenagers, it horrifies me when I read about what they do as a gang.


I first have to ask why? Why are their hearts so cold? How did they get where they are? Why is kidnapping, murder, mutilating in their heads and hearts?

I realize those are questions that may never be answered. But I find it so disheartening that these kinds of people are walking around free, and in high schools, no less.


Two teenage girls, Kayla Cuevas, 16 and a friend, Nisa Mickins, 15, were murdered and mutilated just outside their high school.

Brentwood High school, Long Island, NY high school officials, according to documents filed in court by Kayla’s mother, knew as early as 2014 there were members of MS-13 attending school there. They denied it and did nothing.

September 2016, after reporting many incidents to school officials, Kayla was assured one of the young men she accused of making death threats against her wouldn’t be in attendance at school. Yet, the first day of school, Kayla saw him and reported it. Again the school denied he was ever on school grounds.

Just before their murders, Kayla reported to the school yet another death threat, telling her Mom and school officials it was recorded on school security cameras. Again the school denied any of the young men accused were on school grounds.

So let’s talk about the young men a moment. The youngest is 19, and the oldest is 22. Why would they be on the premises of a high school? What type of security did the school have that these young men could seemingly come and go at will?

Two years after the murders, four of the young men arrested in an attempted kidnapping, all members of MS-13 and all having attended Brentwood High School, appeared in court for that charge. But have yet to be charged with the murders of Kayla and Nisa.

So Kayla’s mother was forced to file a lawsuit against the school district to bring this into the open and try to get some type of justice for her daughter and her friend. And can anyone blame her?

And still, I go back to the question of why? What happened to these young men growing up that lead them to such horrific crimes? Drugs? Abuse?

It’s said that kids join gangs to feel apart of something. They may be distanced from family. Or face abuse at home, so they think the gangs will protect them. But that protection comes at a high price. It destroys them as human beings. It takes away their souls. They become people that life, any life, means absolutely nothing to them.


What has happened to our country? I know, historically, there have always been murderers. There were “gangs” of thieves in the wild west.

Maybe over-population can partly be to blame. Perhaps a lack of believing in some sort of higher power can be blamed. Maybe because we see it every day on our TVs and online, we all start to become numb to it, therefore becoming a part of the problem as well.

There seems to be so much hatred, not only in our country but around the world. Greed abides where love should live. Anger has replaced the ability for some to understand right from wrong. They just don’t care.

It is my prayer that this mother receives justice for her daughter and her friend. That at least four of these angry young men will be in prison for the rest of the lives.

The anger and hatred must stop! No more murdering and molesting of young children. It has to start and end somewhere.

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