DNA Testing Company Screwing With Someone’s Ancestry?


According to ‘Chicks on the Right’ intentionally messing with DNA results are happening.

I seriously hope the DNA labs are not trying to mess with people’s lives, via their ancestry. Yes, I’m one of those who has done it. My results pretty much lined up with what I had been told and I was happy to find some relatives’ names that I didn’t know. For me, it was sort of a look back past my grandparents and great-grandparents. And by having it online, I have received information that was long lost to me.

To mess with people’s lives by adding a 1% of Africa is not right. Mine wasn’t. So is that even relevant? If what scientist say is true, that Adam and Eve were placed in Africa, then maybe it’s likely everyone would have a bit of that percentage.

And so what? Unless you’re a total racist, what does 1% even matter? I know it wouldn’t bother me.

If someone is really trying to prove a certain amount of a particular ethnicity, it might be relevant to them, but again, such a tiny percentage, I wouldn’t think should be a big deal.

We are all God’s children. Created different but from the image of the same God. We are all decedents of Adam and Eve if you’re a believer in Bible History. If you’re a believer of the big bang theory, then it shouldn’t matter to you either.

But if these companies are actually doing it to “mess” with people, stop it! We are all one!


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