What Kind Of A Mother Does This To Her Own Child?

I cannot imagine a mother putting her child through 323 doctor visits, 13 surgeries and confining him to a wheelchair, just for the money! Yet, this is the second time I’ve read about this in the past week.


Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy. Parents lying about their children being sick to make them dependent on them and to receive donations to live on rather than work!


Some may say it’s a mental illness, but it’s still illegal, and another mother will be punished.

Kaylene Brown forced her 8-year-old son, Christopher to suffer through “supposed” illnesses and 13 surgeries!

What I want to know is, why would doctors keep doing this? How could they find anything to operate for if Christopher was entirely well?

Christopher’s Dad, Ryan Crawford became suspicious several months ago and confronted Brown. She claimed he was just trying to take their sick child away from her and a judge sided with her and took visitation rights away from Crawford. The only person really fighting for Christopher wasn’t allowed to see him anymore.


Finally, a doctor became concerned enough to contact authorities, and all her children were removed from her. And she was arrested. The children are all in foster care now, and Crawford is fighting for custody of his son and is horrified at what’s gone all during his son’s life.

I cannot even imagine a mother doing this to their child. But for doctors to what they did should be against the law as well! I’m sure she went from doctor to doctor to doctor, so most probably did receive all background medical information, but for doctors to perform 13 surgeries on a child who had no illnesses at all? Did they do any tests prior? Blood tests, CT scans, MRIs, what? Every single one of the doctors who performed surgery on this child should be arrested for malpractice and endangering this child’s life! What did they do to him? Will he be able to live a healthy life from now on?


To think that a mother would put a child through all this to receive free money is so much more than child endangerment! She stole 8 years of Christopher’s life he’ll never get back again. She forced him into becoming an invalid for her to get money.  She should receive the maximum jail sentence and never be allowed to see her children again. I pray Christopher’s father wins custody of him and is a good father and helps him recover from all he’s been through. I pray her other children are adopted out of foster care and are placed in good homes. They obviously would have at the very least, emotional and psychological problems.

Thankfully it stopped at 8 years old. Hopefully, Christopher will go on with his life as a normal child, running, playing, doing all the things he’s missed for 8 years.


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