A Grandmother Delights in ‘Continuously’ Meeting Her Newborn Grandaughter For The First Time

A beautiful, yet sad story. Imagine meeting your baby granddaughter for the first time, every time you see her? For Alzheimer’s patient, Setsuko Harmon, that’s precisely what happens.


Setsuko began showing signs of the disease ten years ago, and of course, it has progressed, but she delights in meeting her granddaughter over and over as if for the first time.

Setsuko’s daughter, Christine began videotaping the visits just for the family and so that baby Sadie would be able to see how much her grandmother loved her because the odds of her being alive till Sadie is 18 aren’t good.

As Christine posted videos to family, and other’s began to see them, she asked her Dad’s permission to share them so others living with family members with the disease could see them and hopefully it would help them. And that’s precisely what’s happening.

Christine warns there are plenty of bad days, as well as the good, but this special time between grandmother and granddaughter is the best time of all. Grandmother is happiest at those times than any other time.


What a blessing for this family dealing with this disease. Any grandparent knows the wonderful feeling of seeing our grandchildren for the first time and every time after. I’m glad they are sharing their video with others. Babies and children have such a unique way of plowing right through boundaries of the mind and heart.


Setsuko may not be around for Sadie all of her life, but she’ll have a lifetime of memories of just how happy she made her grandmother!


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