Funny Things That Children Do While Sitting On Santa’s Lap

Many kids who first visit Santa Clause and sit on his lap are scared of the giggling old man in a red suit and a beard that’s white as snow.   A lot of the children do the natural thing and begin to scream and cry.   Wouldn’t you?  I mean he’s kind of crazy looking.

But some children approach it a little more creatively than others.

This photo shows a jovial Santa Claus holding an anxious-looking one-year-old, his hands calling for “help!” in sign language.

The image was posted by Kerry Spencer, of Maryland, shot across Twitter and got nearly 30,000 likes this week.

“We taught our baby sign language,” Spencer wrote. “This is the sign for ‘help.’ You’re welcome.”

Of course, baby Spencer is much older now, but he has one of the most unique responses to Santa Clause we’ve ever seen.  The photo was taken back in 2005.

The toddler, Samuel, was not hearing impaired but was taught sign language for better communication, Spencer told People magazine.

Some other children had unique ways of interacting with Santa also.  Notice which finger is being used.

I wonder if Santa got the message.

This parent tweeted, “Our daughter’s been learning too.”



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