An 8-year-old Boy Helps Kids In Puerto Rico Have A Merry Christmas

Most 8-year-old boys are probably looking forward to a Christmas with many gifts under the tree, family gatherings, and big dinners. But not one young boy from New Jersey.

Jayden Perez, whose eight, was super surprised when his mother came home from work one day with tickets to a Giants game her boss wanted Jayden to have. No reason. He just knew Jayden was a big fan and wanted him to go to a game.


Jayden was so excited about going to the game, he came to his Mom, Rosato one day and told her that instead of getting Christmas gifts for himself this year, he wanted to donate HIS gifts to needy children. He wanted it to go to children in Puerto Rico, whose country is still devastated in many areas by the hurricane.


Of course, the proud mom had an even better idea. To have a toy drive for the children. So they set up shop in their front yard. Rosato had put the word out on social media, and it was immediately picked up by local media.


One day became more and more days of donations. So far over, 1,000 toys have been donated, and they expect to still receive more.


A man from Pennsylvania reached out saying he had a whole truckload of toys he was bringing to them.

A local shipping company offered to help get them delivered to the island!

And now, another dream has come true for Jayden. He and his Mom will be flying to Puerto Rico on January 4th to begin distributing the toys in time for Three Kings Day on January 6.

First stop will be an orphanage who reached out to them when they heard what they were doing. Then Jayden and Rosato will travel with others to several small cities, especially hard hit by the hurricane.


Just one little boy’s dream. One little boy’s big heart will make thousands of children, some maybe not even living in homes yet, one of the best Christmases they will never forget. Nor will Jayden.

I think we can expect more big things from Jayden in his future. What a great start, he’s off helping humanity understand what Christmas is really all about!


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