Freedom Of Speech Maybe On Trial In Washington, D.C.

These are sad times in America, when the very First Amendment of the United States of America, the most important one to the men who gathered to make up a constitution for a new America, is the one being threatened the most today.


This amendment was so important they made it the number 1. For thousands of years, these people of the New America had lived under tyranny, with Kings and Lords ordering the less fortunate around. Beheading for the slightest offense. No religious freedom. No right to land ownership.

In the New America, they wanted freedom for all. Freedom to protest the government if what they were doing was wrong. Freedom to stand up to the President, Congress, Senate and tell their side of the story. Freedom to elect representatives to office who would speak for them. But if not, they had the freedom to march, hand in hand, arm in arm to protest.


Sadly, our government is trying to take that freedom away. Do we really want to live in a “police state?” In “Hitler’s country” By those rules?

Many great laws have been changed or made law by protestors. Women’s right to vote! Civil Rights! FreedomĀ given to slaves.

And now, those who protest are being pepper sprayed, hit with police batons, knocked down, beaten during their legal right to protest.


And as at the NO DAPL, water protests by Native Protestors, being sprayed from a cannon with freezing water in freezing temperatures. And illegal dogs set on them and bit them. Rubber bullets which took one woman’s eye and another woman’s arm.

THIS is our freedom of speech. Freedom to protest?

Yes, in the protest these people are being tried for, there was the destruction of property that should not have happened. But unless one of these specific defendants was actually seen or recorded doing those acts, how can they be prosecuted for something someone else did? Just because they were walking down the same street, does not mean they were the ones doing the rioting. How can you possibly accuse someone of a crime that cannot be proven?



The defendant in the article was there as a first aid attendant. She had a red cross taped on the back of her jacket. The items found in her backpack, were there in her pack back. Not on her face or on her head. These were apparently given out to all protestors. But she was not wearing hers. So how can they say she was among the rioters who did wear them? Hers was in the bag. She also carried a bottle of vinegar to help against pepper spray. Yes, she was there to protest, which is her constitutional right, but she was there also to help others who might have been hurt. If she were there to riot, would she have not had on the masks, the black bandanas? BUT SHE DIDN’T because that’s not what she was there for!

We as a country have to keep protesting, and now we have to protest and demonstrate against the illegal use of force against innocent people engaging in their civil right! Police cannot just go into a crowd of people and start spraying and beating! We cannot allow this to happen!

Nothing has been done about what happened to the American Indians. Our military is NOT supposed to harm our own people! The National Guard is to “GUARD” our people!

If we don’t stand up to this government who seems to want a military state of America, we will no longer be free Americans with the rights of the Constitution. If that is allowed to happen, our country will no longer be free.

We have to stand strong and pray together. We cannot allow the greed of a few take down our country. We’ve come too far to turn back. But it will take all those who can stand, walk, ride, to help keep our country free!


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