Your Traditional Christmas Being Further Stolen By “Cyber Scrooges?”

OK, so I’m a parent who remembers the Christmas past when Cabbage Patch Dolls were the rage at Christmas. Parents were flying overseas to purchase them for their daughters. I wasn’t one of them because I simply couldn’t afford them.


So today, now we have so-called “cyber scrooges.” People buying toys, cheap toys, but ones that are the rage this year, buying hundreds of them, then reselling them for outrageous prices! $14.99 to $1,500 for one toy.


These Grinch Bots as they’re called, can’t be stopped this Christmas. Yes, they’re trying to make new laws to stop it, but it’s too late for this Christmas.

Some child who wanted a toy that cost $14.99, very reasonable for just about any parent or grandparent, won’t be able to buy it.

Once again GREED rears its ugly head. One might say, “well why not if I can make some money?” I guess that’s true.

But I absolutely hate the fact that Christmas is about money. Of course, children see toys continuously advertised on tv and want it. That’s natural.

But it is so unfair to children whose parents can’t afford to spend $1,500 for a toy, and I’m sorry, but what parent thinks their child needs a TOY that costs that much? Will their children be any happier the day after Christmas than a child who got other, less expensive toys, but whose family has the real Spirit of Christmas in their hearts?

Those who believe must continuously fight against greed! Christmas is about the gift of Jesus.


We must teach our children that first and foremost! The idea of gifts came from the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus to honor Him as King! Not to show off who brought the most expensive gift! There was a time in history and is still celebrated this way in some countries, where children would receive one small gift, starting at Jesus’ birth, as the first of 12 gifts. Each night the children would receive another little gift as that was the number of days it took the Three Wise Men to reach baby Jesus. The Three Kings Day was celebrated on January 6th to commemorate the day they arrived and gave Jesus their most treasured gifts, honoring Him as the New King and Savior.

Today, it’s tearing into the gifts as quickly as possible, each parent or gift giver hoping the person opening will appreciate their gift. Maybe as we get older, as I have, you know how much more special Christmas if than the gifts wrapped under the tree.

I was telling my daughter a story one day about my own grandmother. Her and my grandfather didn’t have much money. But they had 12 grandchildren. Grandma would decorate a small Christmas tree, usually cut down by my Dad at a parcel of land he owned in the country, where he also chopped one down for our family. Every year for as long as I can remember, there would be 8 gifts wrapped in red tissue paper with the curly ribbon tied around the top. We 8 girls would open it with delight to see a bottle of bubble bath. Every year as children. We’d know what it was by the way it was wrapped. But we were so delighted to see a gift with our name tag on it, it didn’t matter what it was. And who doesn’t love a bubble bath? (Honestly, I can’t remember what the boys got, but now I might have to ask a cousin.)


Then we’d have a big Christmas dinner, with homemade pies and homemade fudges, and candies of all kinds. And play together in a teeny, tiny house. Looking back as an adult, I don’t even know how we all fit into that little home. But the joy, happiness, and love that we felt are what I remember the most.


I pray for every family this year, whether you spend thousands of dollars to have to go to a Christmas sponsored program to get gifts for your children, to receive the gift of love. God shared His most precious gift of love with us. Isn’t it right that we give thanks and share the most essential part of Christmas? Love.


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