Medical Marijuana For Dogs and Cats?

Cannabidoils for animals? Why not? It took years for approval to be put into law for humans suffering from various diseases, therapies, etc., to be able to purchase a particular type of cannabis to use to feel better.


I’m sure most people are aware that almost all drugs are tested on animals before they are approved. Therefore, I don’t see the hold up in passing this for animals.

I watch my granddog with arthritis struggle to get up and down the stairs or even get up from laying down. These family members deserve relief from pain just as any human family member would.


I know studies have to be done. Then do them! The cannabidoils have proven useful in so many ways for people suffering from the same diseases animals suffer from, plus chemotherapy and other therapies. It’s better than taking so much pain medication!

So let’s give a shout out to our representatives in the government. Write to the DEA and ask for re-classification so the drug can be tested and researched more. Then this research can be brought to the FDA for approval. It’s not that hard! Throw away the red tape and get busy! Loved pets will thank you!


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