Shopping Made Easy… The Generation Z Way.

Another new way to shop! It seems the Gen Z generation currently holds the best influence on fashion.


Gen Z is around the ages of those going off to college, in college or working for the first time. And now there are youtube videos of young women literally trying on many clothes in front of a mirror to show what the clothes would actually look like on a real person!

We all know clothing in retail stores looks absolutely beautiful on the size 2 mannequins. We take numerous items to a dressing room, try them on and of course, rarely do any of them look good on our figures. Or our color styles. We spend 2 to 3 hours in a store trying on things and walk out empty handed, tired and frustrated.

Now not only can you shop online, but you can go to the youtube videos, which by the way, have their own title: Haul Videos. You can watch women such as Erica Louie, Miss Louie, try on all the latest fashions right before your eyes.

The women who are now doing this are making tons of money. But how you ask?

There is a link in each of their videos to the retailer. If you see something you like, you can go straight to the retailers’ online store or their mall store if you prefer, and order or purchase the items separately, or if you just love the entire outfit, you can buy it all!

These links to the retailers are how the women are paid. If someone clicks it and purchases one of the items she modeled in front of the mirror, the model receives a percentage of the items bought.

These women shop from London to New York to your regular retailers. They do the “trying on.” You decide. Sounds too simple? Well, look up Haul Videos and see what you think. Personally, although I’m way past the Gen Z age, I’m going to look anyway. Women of all ages like to see outfits put together so they can imagine what it would look like, rather than run all over a store trying to find the right scarf to go with the right top, the right top to go with the jeans, etc.

Great new idea!


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