Matt Lauer Was An Arrogant Bully, So Why Isn’t There A Woman Replacement Yet?

So have the days of the male-dominated news shows finally come to an end? Matt Lauer was so controlling and jealous, NBC doesn’t have a replacement for him. Nor does CBS have a replacement for Charlie Rose. Kind of ironic, don’t you think?


Matt Lauer was a bully. If he didn’t like you, you lost your job. Lauer controlled the morning show and apparently even other NBC news shows. He thought he was above everyone else. Just like several other big name male bullies, he’s been knocked off his throne, and it’s about time!

Why do morning news shows think they have to have a “strong male lead?” Obviously, the days of the “strong male leads” are coming to an end. At least I hope so!

Heads of studios, producers, directors, actors, newscasters, all “male leads” are being brought down daily. And frankly, it’s hard to believe in the 21st Century, 2017, that “male leads” still have so much control!

There are plenty of females capable of taking the helms! And as the male leads keep falling from grace, I hope, finally, more women will be allowed to step up in their places.

People, remember Oprah? Yes, her. Surely there are more Oprahs out there, waiting in the wings, sitting beside the males being accused of sexual misconduct with raised hands saying, “pick me, pick me!”

It’s time male dominance in television, movie studios, boardrooms, and courtrooms is stopped. Females have got to step up and demand the right to these jobs!

The good ole’ boy days need to come to an end. From Washington, DC and all across America!


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