Actor Terry Crews Is One Of The ‘Silence Breakers’ Honored By Time ‘Person of the Year’… Now He’s Taking It A Step Further

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews filed his assault and battery lawsuit against WME and Adam Venit.  WME had brought Venit back to work after a short suspension, which made Terry feel the agent wasn’t adequately held accountable for repeatedly grabbing his genitals at a Hollywood party.

Crews is the lone male featured in Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ issue honoring those who spoke out about being sexually harassed.

“Honored to stand among these strong, brave individuals to fight for what’s right… and take our lives back”, Crews tweeted on Wednesday after Time Magazine announced those profiled and the details of their sexual assault stories.

Crews, 49, first shared his own story in a series of tweets days after the first Harvey Weinstein reports of sexual assault broke in early October.

So what caused him to open up about something so personal?  It turns out someone’s tweet questioning another victim was all it took.

“I’d actually just read a comment someone made on Twitter about one of Weinstein’s accusers. It went something like: She’s just looking for attention and a payday. It really affected me,” Crews told Time magazine. “I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I remember going to my phone, and I started writing. And I couldn’t stop.”

The former football player said he was angry at the tweets that discounted the women’s stories.  He felt he needed to do something about it.

“I wanted to join in. I wanted to say something. I wanted to support. But I did have to let these women know they weren’t alone. And that I understood. My whole mission was to give them strength,” he said.

“Until I had a major paradigm shift in my own life — it was like I hit rock bottom in order for me to see that I had it all wrong,” he said. “I said, ‘No more.’ Why are you questioning the victim here? Let’s flip it.”

Crews filed the lawsuit against Venit and Venit’s employer William Morris Endeavor, alleging assault, sexual battery, emotional distress and negligence for the incidents he says took place at a party in early 2016.


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