President Trump Made A Statement About Christmas Pride… It Didn’t Go Over Well With One Catholic Priest.

Leave it up to President Donald Trump to stir up conflict just by opening his mouth about Christmas.  Trump has been on a crusade to promote a Very Merry Christmas.  Apparently, from his perspective people weren’t saying it enough or they were ashamed of the Christian centered celebration of Jesus birth.  And I saw what Trump was talking about.

“Christmas is back, bigger and better than ever before…and we say it now with pride.” Donald Trump.

But the POTUS proclaiming this special Christian holiday was back, and people of the faith should be proud of saying it apparently was enough to cause a Catholic priest to speak out.

James Martin made three points.  Two of them I could agree with, but I had a problem with the first one.

  1. Christmas never left.
  2. Christmas is about littleness.  God entered the world as a poor, small, helpless infant, the most vulnerable state imaginable.
  3. Christmas is about humility.  God lowered himself, “emptied himself,” to enter into the human condition.

The priest is right, Christmas never left, but tying it to Jesus did go.  I remember when stores wouldn’t play Christmas music for fear it would offend people of other faith.  Where was James Martin then?

I remember when it was a big deal to say “Happy Holidays” as a way to ensure not to offend anyone who wasn’t a Christian. Where was James Martin then?

The other two points made by the priest I can agree with.



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