Opinion: Here’s How To Stop North Korea’s Kim Jun Un

So I guess my biggest question would be – who is supplying North Korea with what they need to keep building bigger and worse missiles? Where are they getting the supplies they need? North Korea alone produces almost nothing. So some countries have to still be supplying them with what they need.


They say America is starting it by doing the tests flights. America and every other country say they’re starting it by continuing to build stronger missiles.


Yet, how could they if they’re not getting supplies from someone? Sanctions seem to be a joke to them. The people there who are not military are starving, so guess who gets the food supplies? Only the military! (It has been this way since the Korean War. Parents give their children to the military in order for them to survive. Peasants have nothing.)

So why is any country still trying to negotiate with them? Take away their supply source and what can they do? Instead of arguing back and forth, while two presidents play tin soldiers with millions of lives at stake and do something. Russia says don’t do anything. China says don’t do anything. Why not?

If that country is not shut off, closed down, soon the world will suffer the consequences. And I don’t think the little man in North Korea cares if he blows up his own country as long as he gets to blow up America. That’s all he lives for. He’s a sick little man who’s getting his way because no one will stop him. He’s the bully on the playground laughing at the ones he hurts.


And I don’t mean with war. I suggest stopping the supply source. I wish investigators were trying to find out where North Korea sources are and shut them off. There is no reason why any country who is worried about what he’s doing should be sending so much as a bottle of water to that country!

I’m not naive enough to think there may be other solutions. But if so, then do them! Time is running out. That man will kill anyone he has to do what he wants. His family couldn’t stop him. Piddly little sanctions haven’t stopped him. So stop the supplies and sources. Find out who’s giving him what he needs to continue this before it’s too late!


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