Is President Trump Finally Speaking Out About Child Molester ‘Roy Moore’?

It seems as though some media outlets have already decided that Roy Moore is guilty as charged.  Unfortunately, for those people, the citizens of Alabama seem to look at it differently.  And Alabamians will be the ones voting on whether Moore will become a U.S. Senator or not.  Most Republican voters do not believe the allegations against Moore.

Several claims surfaced that while in his 30s Moore had pursued several teenage girls.  Three women stated that he had sexually assaulted them, including one who was 14 at the time.  Moore acknowledged that he had approached and dated teenagers, but he denied that any of the girls were younger than the legal age of consent or that he had sexually assaulted anyone.


For President Trump it’s an easy decision:  he wants his agenda to pass by the Democrats blockade.

On Monday morning, President Trump moved from criticizing Jones to actively supporting Moore, tweeting: “Democrats’ refusal to give even one vote for massive tax cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama.”

But beyond Trump getting his tax reform passed he feels that Moore is innocent of the child molestation charges.  If Trump had believed those allegations against Moore, he would have asked the Senate candidate to step aside.

Even Republicans who demanded that Moore step away from the Senate race have made an about-face.   Like Senate Majority leader Mitch Mcconnell who now says “Let the people of Alabama make the call” on Moore’s.


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