Good News For ‘House of Cards’ Fans.

According to a report, Netflix is moving forward with the final sixth season of the popular “House of Cards” series in 2018. The eight-episode season had been on hold since revelations of sexual misbehaving by Kevin Spacey.


Actor Anthony Rapp was the first to accuse Spacey of making sexual advances on him when he was only 14-years-old at the time.

Rapp has been under attack for causing the end of the popular Netflix series after creating a waterfall of accusations by many young men.

Executives announced that this would be the last season of “House of Cards” following the first round of sexual assault allegations against Spacey.  CNN reported that the decision to end the series happened before Rapp’s accusation.

Netflix decided to move forward on the last season without Spacey being involved.  Since November, writers have been scrambling to figure out a fresh angle to end the series missing its fallen star.

Production for season six will begin in early 2018 according to a source close to the show.  Rapp currently appears on the new CBS series “Star Trek: Discovery.”


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