An Anglican Minister Urged Congregants To “Pray” For Prince George To Be Gay

For a minister to ask people to pray for a young royal to be gay is beyond ridiculous! He’s 4 years old. He has a big life ahead of him. How selfish for someone to want him to be gay.


He’ll be who God intended for him to be. If he were to be gay, I have no doubt he’d be loved and accepted. But really, praying for him to be anyone other than who he’s supposed to be is carrying things way too far!

A so-called “minister” should know that Prince George will be who God intended him to be and to ask people to pray for anything else is not only selfish but stupid. Does he really think prayers will make Prince George gay? What kind of connection does this man who with God?

Why not pray for his health, his safety, for him to grow up strong to be able to deal with the world as what it might be by the time he’s an adult?

Many condemned the gay prayer request.

All of the children of this world right now are being handed an entirely different world than the one most of us grew up in. He will have challenges most of us never had.

We need to be praying for people to wake up and start taking care of our planet, animals, plants, humans, climate and so many other issues right now than whether a toddler should be gay!

This man is not a “minister.” He’s a selfish, self-centered man praying only for himself and his cause.


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