Those Crazy North Koreans Just Built A Missile Capable Of Destroying Any Part Of The USA.

When most of the world is beginning to celebrate Christmas, whether as a Christian, or just a time of giving, North Korea continues to build weapons to destroy the United States.


And what is our government focused on? Passing a huge tax break deal for the rich. So where are they going to keep their money? Where are they going to spend it? Where are they going to live after a missile capable of destroying most, if not all of America finally lands here?

While the greedy people in government continue to focus on getting their way, like a bunch of toddlers fighting for the same toy, the North Korean government is focusing on nothing but destroying America. And who knows how many other countries?

While Trump has practically annihilated the United States with any and all countries who might come to our aid or stand with us, North Korea is doing what it’s been doing for years!

They are a communist country living under the dictatorship of one of the evilest men to walk the Earth. I’m sure he’d love nothing more than to bomb the US during the time Christians celebrate the birth of Christ!

Our government has continued to turn a blind eye to this country for years. Saying it’ll never happen. We can stop them? Can we? While Trump goes around the country telling everyone how great he is and how he’ll take out North Korea, they are hard at work taking actions, not saying empty words.

Our government needs to wake up. Stop being so greedy and figure out what to do about the “elephant in the room.” Kim Jong Un laughs at our President, as do leaders of other countries, yet he still goes out and keeps saying and doing stupid things. He’s so far over his head in debt to Russia and other countries, yet none of these countries, I’m sure, would come to our aid. Why is Russia not worried about North Korea? Why are China and Japan not punishing North Korea? Why aren’t they afraid?

We’ve known this was coming for years. North Korea is a military country. Nothing more. If parents’ want their children to live, they turn them over to the government because that’s the only place in that country where they will survive. It’s where the electricity, food and water supplies are kept and used only for the military.

This dictator had his own uncle and brother murdered. Do you honestly think he will not do exactly as he says he will? Hawaii has already started building and reconstructing bomb shelters not used since the Cold War era. Many of us remember those drills as school children. It wasn’t a joke then, and it’s not a joke now.

I pray God stops it from happening. I pray someone steps in and does something besides spurt useless words! Trump is not the man to stand against Kim Jong Un. I don’t have much faith in anyone in our current government being capable of handling a war against North Korea.

So I will put my faith in God to watch over my country!


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