Kathy Lee Gifford Angers Many With Her Crazy ‘Forgiveness’ Analogy

Kathy Gifford tried to hide behind Christianity in order to stand behind her good friend, Matt Lauer. Saying everyone commits sins and should be forgiven is true, but, this is still a story unfolding as to how much this man has done.


To defend him on live TV when more accusers are still coming forward is inconceivable. I’m glad she forgave her husband’s cheating, and they went ahead with their marriage.

But as I’ve read, “This is not about her!”

This is about a man who apparently has cheated on his wife in many ways! And by saying and doing the things he’s accused of doing, he not only cheated on her in an affair, but he cheated almost daily by degrading her every time he degraded another woman!

And as with the others, what kind of example is this to their children? What kind of an example is Kathy setting to her two children by defending him? I’ve read that she sort of retracted then showed some support of the women, but I don’t think she ‘gets it.’

You can watch Gifford’s forgiveness speech below and see if you ‘get it.’

And many on the internet didn’t ‘get it’ either.  People tweeted on the false analogy between Gifford’s husband’s cheating and Lauer’s many crimes.



But forgiveness, that’s on Kathy Lee Gifford’s conscience. And between her and her God. Matt Lauer needs to have consequences, other than being fired, for his behavior over multi-years! Now his lawyers are going after NBC for money. Why should they have to pay him any more money? I hope NBC fights it and he never gets another dime from them and never works in television again. He held himself up as being better than others for too many years. Now he’s in the gutter with the rest of them where he belongs.


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