Are You Seriously Blaming A Sexual Assault Victim For Television Programming?

I find it so pathetic that some people in this country have become so engrossed in the fake world of a television show that they would try to disgrace a man who came forward to say he’d been sexually assaulted at age 14 by an actor.

But that’s exactly what House of Cards fans have done.


Anthony Rapp is just one of several accusers to come forward against Kevin Spacy with stories of sexual assault, but because Rapp was the first, he’s receiving hate mail because the TV show Kevin Spacy was starring in, House of Cards, has now stopped until the producers figure out what they want to do.


“He could have waited until the end of the final season to come forward.” Are you kidding me?

“How could you ruin the career of one of the greatest actors of all time?” Seriously?

This is how people feel about a victim of sexual assault? What if that had been your 14-year-old son? Would you still feel the same way?

People seem to be so wrapped up in the world of “make believe” that they can’t even stop and think about what the real issues are anymore. People need to step away from the TV and live life!

Apparently, there must be some truth in the allegations against Spacy because he’s now in an expensive Rehab facility, the same one where Harvey Weinstein is in. How much more will be joining them at the swanky facility to be “curried” of their need to sexually assault young, innocent people?

It is outrageous how people are viewing these victims who have come forward. It seems there are plenty of predators in the “make believe” world of TV whose “characters” are so adored and worshiped that people are willing to throw stones at the victims and give praise to the predators.

TV is not meant to replace life! Make-believe is not intended to replace reality. No television show, no movie, no actor or producer is worth shaming a victim.

We are at a place right now where victims feel empowered to come forward. They don’t have to hide behind the shame they’ve felt for being victimized. It’s time the predators are shamed, and the victims are praised for coming forward.

Anthony Rapp deserves thanks and praise for coming forward. He gave the others the courage to come forward against another Hollywood predator! Let’s stop the nonsense and see these predators for who they really are!


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