Outrage As Breastfeeding Mom Shamed At Disneyland

Breastfeeding Mom shamed.

Really? Seriously? With all the nudity in television, movies, social media, just about everywhere you turn, women’s breasts are exposed in one way or another. Ahhhh, but that’s only for a sexual sensationalism and satisfaction. Right? It’s OK if it’s soft porn, advertising sexy bras, underwear, nighties, etc., but not OK when it’s done for nutritional benefits for a baby? How wrong is that?


Babies have survived on Mother’s breast milk for millions of years. People in most countries across the planet wouldn’t think of shaming a woman for breastfeeding her child in public.

Only in America is a woman shamed for breastfeeding her baby, while others are praised for putting their bodies, (and boobies) in magazines, and other public venues.

And the two ladies scowling? Wow. Hope their children survived infancy because they don’t appear to have a nurturing bone in their bodies.

I say, “good for you Mom. Keep nurturing your baby in the most natural, nutritional way! And shame on the two old biddies for their scowls.

Others on Twitter felt the same way.


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  1. I have nothing against breastfeeding in public. My daughter is doing it right now. But there are subtle ways to do it. The smiling woman pictured here, with large breasts, skimpy top, and tattoos, seems to want to invite gawkers. It seems to me she’s as concerned about making a “statement” as she is feeding her child. Also, I see two women staring at her, but “shaming” her with “scowls” and “hate”? Come on.


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