Here’s Why Geraldo Rivera Down Played The Reasons For Matt Lauer’s Firing.

Geraldo Rivera apologized for his tweets AFTER Fox news called him on the carpet about it. But after seeing the interview Bette Midler had with Barbara Walters in 1991, it’s no wonder Rivera tried to sweep it under the rug.


Rivera had also tried to dismiss the reason for Matt Lauer’s firing as flirting at work.

Trying to play sexual misconduct off as flirting in the show business workplace is so ridiculous! But then we’re talking about Geraldo Rivera, How is this man, who has been shamed publicly so many times still on tv? Why would his opinions matter to anyone?

I don’t watch FOX news, nor will I ever now, but at least they called him out for his stupid tweets. And as for Bette Midler? Of course, she deserves a personal and public apology from him and his producer!

Watch the interview below, and you’ll understand why she wants an apology from Rivera.

And an apology is what Midler got via a tweet.

Anytime two men shove a young woman into a bathroom and grope her, that’s sexual misconduct! Maybe because she was just beginning to become famous, they thought they could get away with it. And they did until 1991, but even as she told the truth on live TV, nothing was said about it or done about it. He should have been fired right then after Midler described what happened to Walters!

But it’s just now coming out. Twenty-six years later! And I hope it’s only the beginning. As more women come forward with the truth, I hope creepy old so-called “Hollywood” men are shaking in the boots wondering if they’ll be next!

It’s time the secrets are made public! Good for you Bette!


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