Warning: Disturbing Children’s YouTube Videos

With all the greed going on in our country right now, it’s very refreshing to see a company who is taking a stand for children, rather than turning their heads and just let the money keep coming.


YouTube Kids announced they are making changes in both adult and children’s YouTube sites to better keep what has become a new trend called, Strange Kids Content. From the video, no child should see these!


YouTube Kids has made a commitment to further restrictions and more monitoring. The first line of defense is the filtering. But these videos have been bypassing those filters.

YouTube has hired thousands to work around the clock viewing videos for inappropriate content for younger age groups.


The new policy will hopefully hit businesses where it hurts. They will be restricting advertising for these types of videos in the hopes of discouraging the recent onslaught of these types of videos.


And they are doing this at the cost of revenue from the advertisers, as well as the cost of hiring more people to monitor new content.

Good for YouTube! I’m glad someone is watching out for the kids instead of worrying about making more money!


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