It’s Not Just A USA Pageant, She’s Actually Breaking Down Boundaries

First young woman with Down’s Syndrome appears in the Miss USA pageant. Although Mikayla didn’t walk away with the crown, she did win the Spirit Award.


Mikayla says being on the stage is her passion and her parents fully support her entering pageants. It’s about time!

One might think it’s not likely that someone like Mikayla would win, so why enter?

Well, she’s beautiful and talented! So why not?


There are many types of beauty. Some women who are considered by society to be the most beautiful in the world, may not be so beautiful on the inside. A beautiful face with an ugly heart means nothing. Not even a diamond-studded crown can make a nasty heart attractive.

Mikayla is the kind of young woman who paves the way for others. Her courage and confidence shine. Because she refuses to allow what might be an issue to some, to detract from her dreams or her passions. I would love to hear her speak sometime. She is such an inspiration to so many.


Maybe one of these days, because of Mikayla’s courage, we’ll see others whom may not fit the mold in pageants. Or acting. Or singing. Stars are born every day. It only takes courage to follow your dreams!


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