People Are Angry At “Reading Rainbow’s” Lavar Burton For The Wrong Reasons.


The Star Trek alum and host of the popular Reading Rainbow show LeVar Burton has been under attack by President Donald Trump’s supporters.

But LeVar did absolutely nothing to earn these hateful responses.   It seems social media was confusing LeVar Burton with LaVar Ball.

Ball is the father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball and UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, one of three student players recently arrested in China for shoplifting.

Trump tweeted that Ball was an “ungrateful fool” for not being more appreciative of presidential intervention in LiAngelo Ball’s case.

Some of the president’s followers, in turn, attacked Burton on Twitter, with one calling him a “has-been actor with a thief for a son.”


Which lead many to correct those with mistaken identity issues.

At least LeVar Burton didn’t let the battle between Trump and Ball get the best of him.  Burton wished everyone well for Thanksgiving.


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