He Hated Gays And Lesbians Until He Was Caught Having Sex With Another Man

I wonder just how many “closet” homosexuals are hiding in plain sight in organizations such as The Family Resource Council, which states that “homosexuality is harmful to those who engage in it and to society at large.”


Ohio State Representative Wesley Goodman resigned after being caught engaging in just such “harmful activities!” And he was a member of The Family Resource Council. He has also been called to task for propositioning young male staffers! Now there’s a guy everyone wants on a family council!


Numerous times, as we’re seeing lately, so many men hold themselves up as being such great examples of family men, Christian men, while behind closed doors, doing just the opposite of what they propose to be bad behavior.

And I believe, this is the same Family Resource Council Josh Duggar was a member of after having sexually molested his own sisters.


So many lies. So many liars. I hope men and women continue to come forward telling the heinous acts these people are committing.

It’s so hard to watch these “public servants” hold their hands over a Bible and profess to tell the truth. Another scumbag bites the dust, who hopefully will never again have the opportunity to use his authority to “bring harm” to young people!


Categories: hypocrite, Politics, Scandal

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