A Mom Inspires And Teaches To Never Assume You Are Cancer Free – Don’t Make The Same Mistake She Did.

Brave young Mother shares her breast cancer story so others will have a place to go for support, answers, and friendship.

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In this picture, I was living with cancer. I just didn't know it yet. Ironically, this year marked the peak of my 'health' and my fitness. I've never felt better, stronger, or more comfortable with myself than I did turning 34. My marriage had never been better and my children were thriving. Everything was beautifully bright. But, despite feeling perfectly well, I went for my routine yearly health check. And that's when they discovered 'the limp'. The lump. I look at this picture from a simply blissful family holiday celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary and all I can think is… 'KIRSTIN how can you not know that there are 3 tumours thriving away in your breast? How can you not FEEL the cancer slipping into your lymph nodes? Why don't you FEEL sick? How can you be so stupid?!' But I didn't know and I didn't feel. If my doctor hadn't examined me, I'd still be blissfully unaware, reaching new fitness goals with my body, eating my futile little anti-oxidant high virtually-vegan wonder food diet… I'd be packing my little plastic-free super food school lunches for my girls, lecturing them on healthy lifestyles. I'd be chemically-free cleaning my home wondering why the whole world doesn't use essential oils. All the while growing and feeding my precious cancer. So check your boobs. Know your body. Cancer happens. To anyone. #breastcancer #breastexam #cancersucks #knowyourbody

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Life can change in an instant. That’s what Kirstin Pretorius found out during a routine yearly checkup.

Kirstin lives the life of someone you would never, ever guess would found out she had breast cancer.

She ate all the right foods. She exercised. She had never felt better than the day she walked into that exam room.

But cancer can be very deceiving. It can hide and grow without your knowledge.

“I did self-exams regularly. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t know it had already metastasized into Kristin’s lymph nodes. At first, even the doctor didn’t feel it but felt there was something wrong, so she had Kirstin lay flat on her back, and that’s the moment Kirstin’s life changed forever.

She had a right breast mastectomy and is currently on chemotherapy.

But the woman who ate healthily, exercised and did all that she could to be healthy refuses to let any of it get her down.

We all need to take notice though. Make sure you have those yearly exams, as well as self-exams often. If something doesn’t feel right, see your doctor. We have to know our own bodies. Even then, it can sneak up on us. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t get better. You gear up for battle and fight.

You can read Kirstin’s Instagram account to watch as she takes you through her battle with a sense of humor and a strong will.


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