Would You Attend A Christian Church That Had Guns Protecting You?

Guns kept in church?

Somehow that just sounds so ridiculous. Yes, there have been church shootings, and the latest was the worst. But arming those coming to hear God’s Word, Jesus’s Word with guns? I just disagree.

If I entered there, I think I’d be more afraid of someone shooting by mistake than the odds of an intruder entering with a gun. And really, would that stop anyone from doing so?

Maybe not. Maybe it then becomes a challenge to see how many they can kill before being killed? Remember, the ones coming in with semi-automatics know they’re most likely going to be killed not long after they kill. They don’t care. So would that sign really stop a killer?


I don’t think it would.

Is this church trying to attract more people, making them think they will be safer there than any other church?

Stupid idea.


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