Being The Last Of Your Kind

What has become of a world in which people hunt wild animals to extinction? For their horns?

Evidently, the people who have hunted these beautiful rhinos to use the horns for herbal medicines don’t understand that when the last one’s gone from this earth, they won’t be able to make their so-called “feel good” medicine anymore?

It seems more and more these days that the human species have become so self-absorbed and greedy, they are too ignorant to understand that once you destroy an animal, water, and the earth that it can’t be reproduced again?

And too, generations of children will learn only of some of these wild animals in books, as we learned about dinosaurs.


But this time around, they are not being destroyed by an act of global change. Humans are killing them. When are human beings going to wake up? I hope before it’s too late.


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