A Yacht That’s Good For The Environment

Finally, a billionaire puts his money to good use!

A Norwegian businessman is in the process of having a 595-foot yacht built that will clean up the oceans! A brilliant man who has made the decision to be a part of the solution, rather than the pollution.

It is such good news to read of a man who knows the importance of saving our oceans and sea wildlife. Apparently, he’s a man who wants to make sure future generations have clean drinking water. Imagine that!

There are so many, many billionaires around the world who are just looking the other way. They don’t seem to care about what’s going to be left of this earth once they themselves are gone.

Haven’t they heard the old saying, “you can’t take it with you?” And how much do you need to leave your children and their children?

Isn’t it more loving and noble to leave them with clean oceans that a few more billion dollars?

More of the rich need to follow in this man’s footsteps!

Most indigenous tribes around the world live by the law of saving our planet for at least seven generations.

What if everyone believed that? And lived it? If we all just stopped for one moment and think about seven generations of our families, of what the world will be like when we are no longer here, but they are now walking in the same footsteps as we did, what we would do today?


I think this man deserves a Noble Prize! And I personally thank him what he’s doing for the next generations of my family.


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