The Fall, Meteoric Rise, And Then A Very Public Fall Again Of Bob Coy

From a life of drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll, and a strip club manager to preaching fire and brimstone? That’s what Bob Coy did.

Not only that, but he became head of a mega church and raised 103 million dollars in one year.
11-19-2017 4-38-49 PM

But it seems Bob didn’t entirely leave behind his old life. Maybe in the beginning, but as his star rose in the Calvary Church, so did he ego.

While preaching against the LGBT community, he was leading a secret life of porn addiction, adultery and some say molestation.

And it seems Bob is not the only pastor of The Calvary Church who’s had problems leading a spiritual life.

Calvary Church, it appears, has known about the dark sides of some of their pastors for many years, but instead of firing them,  they were merely moved from church to church, with church members left in the dark as to their previous transgressions.

As so many young women are finally coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse from those in power, we are reminded that it happens in churches and schools as well as Hollywood and Washington, D.C.

The cover-ups need to stop. Parents need to teach their children from a very young age to protect themselves, to speak out, no matter who the abuser is! It’s more apparent now than ever! If we have to become paranoid to put an end to it, then I say that’s better than allowing our children to be overpowered by anyone in authority in their lives.

Churches, all churches, need to step up and take responsibility and hold anyone accountable who do not practice what they preach!


11-19-2017 4-38-16 PM
Coy was eventually thrown out of the church. No more millions. No more adoration. No more preaching.

So I guess it’s not surprising that he’s back to managing a little hole in the wall bar. When the so-called mighty fall, it’s a short way back down.


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