From Black Skin To White Skin: The Shocking And Sad Transformation Of Former Chicago Cubs Star Sammy Sosa.

Once again, a person of former celebrity denies his race, his color, his ethnicity, his very soul.

No one knows why, but around the year 2009, Sami Sosa, former Chicago Cub Right Fielder, began a transformation. At that time, when questioned why his skin was seemingly lighter, he told the media he was using a skin cream only to “soften” his skin, but bright lights were making it lighter.

I’m not going to joke about this because I think it is sad. Body Dysmorphia is a mental disorder characterized by a distorted body image and obsession with perceived physical shortcomings.

We saw it happen with Michael Jackson to the point he had to wear a prosthetic nose.

The plastic surgery industry is booming with people who are willing to do anything to look like what they think will make them beautiful and handsome. And surgeons are playing the game right along with them.

Sosa was a handsome black Dominican Republic man. Why would he think having lighter skin would make him more attractive? Why would someone, anyone, want to entirely trade who they are, their ethnic origins, for a fake someone else?


Sure, it’s sometimes fun to fool around with different hair colors, different colored contact lenses, have a light tan to make your skin look healthier, but anything beyond that, it is a problem.


No matter what color his skin is on the outside, he is still and always will be the same person, the same spirit inside. You can’t change that.

I am sad that he is also making this an example to his two beautiful dark skinned daughters that their skin color must be wrong! What must they think? That he doesn’t want to be like them? That as soon as they’re old enough, they’ll go through this same process so they’ll still be like Daddy?


When will plastic surgeons stop contributing to this disease? It is a mental disorder that is being fed by a society that says this color makes you prettier, that nose makes you more beautiful, be thinner, but blonde, the list goes on and on.

Why can we not be who God made us to be?


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