Former Smallville Actress Recruiting Women For A Sex Cult That’s Masquerading As A Self-help Group.

NXIVM, a sex slave cult?  The proclaimed self-help group is being investigated for extorting, beating, and branding its members.

Young women being “forced” into slavery and branded, by Founder Keith Raniere. But more shockingly his second in command is Allison Mack who use to star in the hit series Smallville.  She’s also helping to recruit new women into the cult.


Last month, the New York Times broke the story about a secret sorority that put members on starvation diets and beats them if they don’t recruit enough ‘slaves.’

Aside from the horror of these young women not only being slaves but being branded like an animal, the thing more upsetting is what has brought these young women to this man and to this cult?


What has happened to their psyche, in their childhood, in their mental and spiritual awareness, that has them not only turning to this so-called leader but recruiting other young women to do the same?

Does this go along with the recent headlines and so many sad stories of young women being sexually assaulted, abused, raped? Have these young women had their spirits torn from them due to such abuse and therefore think is normal?

What is the root problem here? Is it that a man among many in history has totally bent the minds and spirits of them that they are willing slaves?

There have been many men, and I say, men, because I honestly haven’t read about cults began by women in history, although some stood accused and where burned at the stake! James Jones, Charles Manson come to mind as male cult leaders. What is it about these kinds of men that they have the power to turn women against themselves?


When a young, maybe immature woman, does these types of things to herself or allows someone else to do this to her, who failed to teach her self-respect? Who never contributed to their sense of self-confidence?

Because they absolutely cannot have these necessary skills for life, or they would never submit to such cruelty from another human being.

This story is not only horrifying, but it is also scary! Parents, teach your daughters how essential they are! Teach them to love themselves by showing them how much you love them!

It is apparent, society has failed to keep our young women safe. So it is not surprising that a cult such as this is capable of luring them in.

This needs to stop. It needs to start at home. Teach your daughters and your sons the truth of self-love. If we can do this, cults such as this, businessmen, entertainers, no one will be able to do this to children.


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