Costumes In The Upcoming ‘Justice League’ Compared To ‘Wonder Woman’ Has Some In An Uproar

Wow, the women are more sexualized baring mid-drifts with more legs to match.

The stark contrast was noticed by a savvy fan who pointed out the differences between the Amazonian warrior costumes between the upcoming highly anticipated Justice League and this summer’s Wonder Woman.

The Amazon warriors’ costumes in Justice League appear far more revealing than they were in director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.


“In case you wonder: Here’s a picture of how the Amazons looked in Wonder Woman…next to pic how they look in Justice League. First designed by Lindy Hemming, second by Michael Wilkinson. Some steps backwards, me thinks,” writes Atte Timonen.

So the upcoming ‘Justice League’ which was directed by a man and costumes designed by a man, and ‘Wonder Woman’ was directed by a woman and designed by a woman.

People had plenty of opinions about the sexualization of the Amazon Warriors.

To make it even clearer one person tweeted, “Brooke Ence plays the Amazon warrior Penthesilea in Wonder Woman (left) and Justice League (right). First designed by Lindy Hemming, directed by Patty Jenkins Second designed by Michael Wilkinson, directed by Zack Snyder. People are pretending there’s no difference.”



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